<aside> 💡 If you need a detailed overview you can head over to the blogpost. To use this template, you will have to fill in the details of your cards in the “Default View.” The default view is based off the database “Arsenal.” As soon as you put in the date you opened the card, it auto-populates the “gallery” and “my cards” section.


Card Database

The images for cards and payment networks are stored in these two pages

Images of cards

Icons for card networks

<aside> 💡 The “Enquiries” section is auto-filled by the above database when you fill in the application date and the date of account opened. There are two views in this section such you can also view individual credit bureaus in “Still on Report” section. On the right, there is a section that keeps tracks of your 5/24 cards and accounts.



Keep an eye out

Untitled Database

<aside> 💡 Lastly, this is a database to keep track of your credit score. To use this, go to the EDIT view and tap on the column named Today. You will be prompted to select the date of entry. Then you can add your scores for different bureaus and view year-wise growth in individual views. To create a new year-wise entry, just duplicate the view and edit the filter to current year.


Credit Scores

Visualize your growth